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🌼 RECENT CHANGES. Many of my patterns listed (after Sept. 2015) will not include the diagram for a finishing loop (used for hardware attachment) since many beaders have a different method of completing this step. Please view these links for options on how to finish your beadwork, 4 Ways to Finish Your Piece & 2 Ways to Finish with a Decorative Bead.

🌼 Pattern FAQS 🌼 

The following information is provided based on your comments, questions and feedback. Thank you for following my Bead Crumbs!

🌼 What does your pattern include?
*Suggested Supply List that typically includes 6lb FireLine thread, Delica seed beads 11/0, size 12 beading needle
*Bead Legend - includes bead colors with reference to manufacturer's bead no. and bead count. 
*Photo of a completed project so you can see an actual finished piece.
*Bead Chart - graphical image of bead placement. The numbers on the bead chart corresponds with the numbers shown on the bead legend.

🌼 Am I purchasing a tutorial with instructions?
No. Instructions are not included. Experience with bead weaving is recommended.

🌼 Do I need to know how to bead weave?
Yes. You will need to know basic bead weaving stitches such as ladder stitch, peyote stitch and brick stitch. You will also need to know how to add thread (if your existing thread is too short), how to end your beadwork and how to add attachments or connector beads if making jewelry. 

🌼 I am new to bead weaving. Will you provide support if needed?
Please note that some of the patterns will be challenging for new beaders. I will try my best to help you along by providing you with tips and video links. There are also a lot of great bead weaving tutorials on YouTube. I suggest that you try a free pattern first before making a purchase. Search "free patterns" at www.HandmadeCuties.blogspot.com. Please don't get discouraged. Practice makes beading even more fun! Helpful links are found at the bottom of this page.

🌼 Your listing states "Peyote" bead pattern. Do I need to stitch my beadwork using Peyote Stitch?
Definitely not! Many of my patterns are created on a Peyote Stitch chart because it's my personal preference. However, when actually beading my piece, I turn my pattern sideways and stitch using the brick stitch technique.

🌼 Your listing states "Brick Stitch" bead pattern. Do I need to stitch my beadwork using Brick Stitch?
No. If you prefer working with Peyote Stitch, go for it! I find Peyote Stitch harder to manage when beading "shaped" beadwork so I prefer the stiffer Brick Stitch method.

🌼 Why don't you show a "starting point" on your patterns?
You can start anywhere you want to. Some people have told me that they like to start from the center moving outwards while others like to start at the edge. I usually start at the widest/tallest point or on the row/column that I plan to attach a connector bead (so I can get that out of the way first). 

🌼 Why do some of your patterns have loops for hardware while others do not?
Again, it is a personal preference. Another option, instead of loops or connector beads, is a wire connector. One thing I don't like to do is add a jump ring directly through a bead. The twisting and turning of the jump ring weakens & may crack the bead...and that would definitely ruin your hard work! Helpful links: 4 Ways to Finish Your Piece & 2 Ways to Finish with a Decorative Bead.

🌼 Can I request a pattern? 
Yes. Please contact me. I do not make patterns of copyright / trademarked images and characters.

🌼 Can I reproduce your pattern?
No. Patterns are copyrighted. Please do not reproduce the patterns; prepare “derivative” works based on my patterns; distribute copies of the patterns; teach/hold classes based on my patterns. Thank you for your understanding.

🌼 Can I sell my beadwork made from your pattern?
You may sell your finished beadwork based on my pattern as long as
1. you purchased the pattern from my shop or received it as a free pattern that has been shared by me and,
2. it is made by your own hands and
3. you credit www.beadcrumbshawaii.com for the pattern design
4. you credit me (or tag me) on your social media post to protect my intellectual property rights

The pattern itself is for your personal use only. You are not allowed reproduce the pattern or prepare “derivative” works based on my patterns; distribute copies of the patterns; teach/hold classes from my patterns.

🌼 What if I see a mistake on your pattern?
Unfortunately, this has happened. Please contact me and you will be compensated for my error.

I am listing the links to previous blog posts or information that I have shared to help you with your Bead Crumbs patterns.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me.

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