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Monday, July 2, 2018

Princess Elements: Fire and Earth

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Fire Princess & Earth Princess
I received a suggestions for Princess patterns from azoriacreations, on Instagram, and I sat on this idea because I wanted a theme but not necessary in the Disney form. I sat and sat and sat, until one day I remembered that ella.and.chloe, also from Instagram, mentioned patterns based on the Chinese culture. Aha! That became my theme. I would make five princesses representing China's five elements - wood, fire, water, earth and metal. 

It took me several tries to come up with a pattern that I liked and it took me two days to stitch both the Fire Princess and the Earth Princess.

I got the Fengshui associations for the princess colors from ChinaHighlights.com. I have three more princesses to work on. I am so excited about this project!

Thank you to my Instagram friends for the inspiration! If you're on Instagram, come join us. I am at @BeadCrumbsHawaii.

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