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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Etsy Shop On Break But I'm Still Beading!

Pattern belongs to Bead Crumbs www.BeadCrumbsHawaii.com
I'm in a little bit of confusion with my Etsy shop. Lately, a huge amount of my time has been spent untangling tangles so it's time to take an itty-bitty break. I would like to come back full of vigor, excitement and joy. I want this to be fun again!

For those who are interested in seeing my latest patterns, please hang around :) so we can laugh together, because sometimes the designs I make are atrocious, and it gets pointed out to me after I share it online. Don't laugh at my stuff all the time because I like the "awww" comment too. It's easy to type "awww" and it tells me you approve!

Pattern belongs to Bead Crumbs www.BeadCrumbsHawaii.com
My newest favorite is the otter pattern! The idea for otters came from Christina, a viewer from Instagram. I had a hard time stopping at one otter, as you can see.

After the otter, I worked on a Pekingese dog. This was a suggestion that came from Laura via Etsy. Do you like my interpretation of the Pekingese? I do but don't turn the dog upside-down because it will then look like an ugly, angry bat!

Azoria Creations, on Instagram, suggested a Fairy. I wanted something playful and whimsical so I used black beads to outline the fairy "parts". Do you want to see a bead designer that uses a lot of outline in her work? If so, visit 3 Peeps Designs on Instagram. She does adorable very well. Yes, I spend a lot of time on Instagram! You can too! Visit me, @BeadCrumbsHawaii.

Pattern belongs to Bead Crumbs www.BeadCrumbsHawaii.com
My next project will be "Princesses". I will tell you how they are coming along when they start "coming along".

Thank you very much for visiting me here on my blog. I hope you enjoyed my viewing my creations. Please stick around for more updates.

My copyright policies are very important to me ⇓⇓⇓

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  1. Your work is always great Jayne. And they are the cutest. My customers love them because they are cute. I can't make them fast enough. lol Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to enjoy doing it!


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