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Friday, January 5, 2018

Good Luck Charm Bead Patterns for 2018

Hooray! I am finished with the Good Luck mochi and dango charms! As much as I love this design, I am happy to move on to the next project...Hearts ❤💜💛 I made 2 micro mochi (with Delica 15/0 beads), 2 mini mochi (with Delica 11/0 beads) and 6 mini Dango. I won't be making these again for awhile but if you're interested in beading your own, the mochi pattern is on Etsy. Mochi Bead Patttern

This kitty is the Maneki Neko charm that my beading friends and I worked on at The Bead Gallery. The bead pattern is now listed in my shop also. Maneki Neko Bead Pattern

Wishing you good luck, health and prosperity in 2018!

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