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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Free Bead Pattern: Hawaiian Cat (Popoki) with Lei

Enjoy this free bead pattern of Popoki, the Hawaiian Cat, wearing a pretty orange flower lei. It's the perfect pattern for the upcoming May Day celebration on May 1st. It is also great for the kitty lover, any time of the year!

Bead Pattern by Bead Crumbs

I stitched my cat in the brick stitch beading method using 6 lb Fireline and Delica 11/0 bead colors. I have set aside a few bead sets that include all the bead colors you will need for this project. The beads are packaged and labeled in 1 gram bags. You could probably make 3 cats with the bead set. Bead packets may be purchased here > Bead Crumbs, Etsy.

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