Monday, July 4, 2016

Red Panda Beading Pattern

Seed Bead Pattern by Bead Crumbs
While working on this red panda, I learned that in addition to being called the lesser panda, these cute animals are also called red bear-cats or red cat-bears. (I like "cat-bear" the best because it reminds me of our kitty). These critters were a taxonomic enigma! They were assigned to different categories before finally being placed into their very own exclusive class. Today, the red panda is the proud (and only living) ambassador of the Ailuridae family.

This beaded red panda is a design from my past that I just recently made into a pattern by request. Thanks for your request because I forgot all about this tear-streaked, bushy tail, little guy. The pattern comes in a 2-page PDF file. You will be stitching the body and tail separately and will need to connect the pieces to finish the project. I provided a diagram that you can follow to stitch the tail and body together.

Here is more information:
Beading Method: Brick Stitch
Bead Count: 166
Bead Colors: 5
Approximate Measurement: 3 cm. wide with tail x 2.25 cm. height.

The pattern is available on my Etsy shop here > Red Panda Pattern

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