Saturday, July 9, 2016

Grey Tabby Cat Seed Bead Pattern, Brick Stitch

Furry, sneaky, loud, lovable, always hungry, cute and silly...that is how I would describe our cat. She was a little baby, abandoned under our neighbor's back porch, making sweet mewing noises. The neighbor watched out for mommy cat but after a couple days realized that mother had not returned and kitty needed help. That is when our children stepped in. Children + kitten =  new family pet.

This Grey Tabby Cat, with it's green, sparkly eyes, and black stripes, looks much like our fur-baby. To stitch this, you will need 138 Delica seed beads in 8 different colors. The finished beadwork measures approximately 2 cm. x 2 cm. This cat is made in the brick stitch bead weaving technique.

The 1 page PDF digital file is available for purchase here: > Grey Tabby Cat Pattern.

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