Saturday, June 25, 2016

Shipping to Canada

I wanted to share the following Etsy announcement because it does affect how I service you:

Important update on shipping to Canada:
 "Due to an ongoing labour dispute, Canada Post has informed us that it may halt acceptance of new shipments and delivery of mail and parcels beginning on July 2nd. At this time, all shipments to, within, and from Canada that are handled by Canada Post will be affected until the dispute is resolved. This includes shipments into Canada from other national carriers like USPS and Royal Mail..." (

Currently I have 3 product categories that ship internationally (Earrings, Keychains & Pendants). I am going to temporarily suspend shipping to Canada for these items but digital patterns are still available to everyone.

To learn more about Canada Post labor dispute, please visit this link > Negotiation Updates.

Thanks for stopping by!

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