Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Free Butterfly Bead Pattern

Okay, this butterfly design made me smile because it is so silly looking. My children thought it was hilarious but it was not my intention for it to be that funny! I wanted my butterfly to match my caterpillar (I'll show you that later) so I thought I'd make similar features. I think my butterfly needs a little more refinement but instead of archiving this pattern until I can work on it again (which sometimes means never), I wanted to offer it as a freebie. Perhaps you'd like to change the bead colors and have some fun with it. Please show me your finished beadwork. My social links are below.

Peyote / Brick Stitch Butterfly

PDF Link for Butterfly Pattern.
JPG for Butterfly Pattern (click to enlarge)

Cute Butterfly Bead Weaving Pattern

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