Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Parade

It's October! October is a great month because I think it inspires creativity in everyone. When my children were little, their school would hold a Halloween parade for the families. It was amusing to see students and administration all dressed up in costume. Some of the teachers were incredibly imaginative and had crazy, elaborate "disguises" while others were just funny. Students would wear whatever mom or dad could find (like last year's outfit, yeah me), something trendy from the rack, or a few others had over the top costumes with moving parts and gadgets. It was all in good fun with no pressure to compete...ahhh, fond memories!

Fast forward to today...we'll place some decorations in our costumes except for my husband (who does the embarrass our kids thing)...prepare goody bags while binge watching "Lost" (we're often years behind the TV rage). Perhaps we will finally carve a pumpkin rather than drawing on it. A calmer sort of October that I find really nice.

Though there is no costumed parade here, I would like to share with you my procession of Halloween themed crafts that I have recently listed in my shop.

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