Thursday, September 10, 2015

Scarecrow and Crow Bead Patterns, Peyote / Brick Stitch

When I made this scarecrow design, I was thinking of the dove and mynah bird that joins our Pooch Dog during his morning meal and I knew I had to add a bird to complete this pattern set. I see these birds on the fence nearby...lurking...spying...ready to ambush. As soon as I pour the food, ZOOM! They make their descent and hop around awkwardly on our open patio.

Our dog, an old beagle mix, is a very slow and messy eater. Whatever food that spills out of Dog's bowl is immediately gulped down by the birds that do their funny dance next to his muzzle. Sometimes Dog eats so slow that the birds get impatient and steal the kibble from right under his nose.

You can see me in the morning chasing the birds away. It's a fruitless effort because as soon as I turn my back, the mynah and dove are right back again. The dove is quietly persistent but that mynah is definitely sassing me with its loud squawking! Sometimes I think Dog purposely shares his food with the birds...but I guess that is what friends do.

In honor of best friends of the unlikeliest sort, here is a scarecrow and crow set for you. Best friends forever!

Find out more about this unlikely pair of friends.
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