Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More Christmas Charms - Girl Elf, Christmas Trees

It feels strange to work on Christmas designs when we're still in September but, I know there are people out there who prepare early so the holidays can be enjoyed peacefully as it should be. Me...I get lost in the frenzy and kick myself for not starting early. Not this year! Hmmm...is that is what I said last year, and the year before and probably every year prior to that?

If you're building your Christmas gift giving list, here are some designs that you can purchase or make yourself.

This little female elf goes along with the male elf made earlier. I made her by request and can make one for you too.

This is a new peyote stitch Christmas Tree that I will have available as charms and as a pattern. I haven't listed it yet so I don't have a specific Etsy link to follow but you can check out my sidebar for my updated listings.

Or, go here:

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