Saturday, August 22, 2015

Watermelon Pattern with Thread Path, Decreasing Brick Stitch

With more patterns being listed in my shop and more inquiries for patterns with instructions, I decided to list my first pattern that includes the thread path for the project. A thread path is simply an illustration of the beadwork that shows the direction of the thread.

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I wanted to start with a simple project - an easy one for me to illustrate and one that would be fun and rewarding for a beginner. I chose this brick stitch watermelon. The entire watermelon (except for the base row and loop) can be stitched with the decreasing brick stitch. 

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Creating the instructions took a more time than I anticipated so I am not sure when I will tackle the next pattern with a path. For more information about the Watermelon pattern, you can view it here...

Watermelon > Pattern Only
Watermelon > with Thread Path

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