Friday, August 7, 2015

Farm Keychains - Brick Stich Cow and Tractor

Do remember these designs from my earlier beading adventures? Once upon a time I had a cow thing going because cows are so sweet and gentle that even flies are not afraid of them. Well, I think flies are not afraid of much except being squashed so maybe cows are just a wee daft?

This cow has been sitting around, happily chewing cud. I finally got around to placing it on a keyring and adding it to my shop.

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This tractor is also a 2014 creation. It's been altered a tiny bit but not drastically. I added it to a keyring as well. 

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Although I have the tractor pattern saved and ready, it will be going up later. It took me all day to take decent pictures of these keyrings and write listing descriptions. I really need to figure out how to do these things more efficiently! Maybe I'm a wee daft too? If you have any photo & description tips for me, please share :)

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