Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seed Bead Pattern - Cute Rhino

When I first designed the bead pattern for this rhino, I was pretty certain that the horn would look funny and weird. I didn't want the rhino to look like it had a flat white triangle on it's grey face. With a little bit of experimentation on the rhino's cheek, not it's nose, I finally came out with something that I liked. While the rhino's horn really IS just a flat white triangle on a grey face, I think it looks like a horn. My harshest critics, my children, gave it the "grunt" of approval and that's great for me!

Click for a closer look at the cute beaded Rhino!

This easy rhinoceros bead weaving design includes 171 seed beads. The primary colors are two different shades of grey Delica beads. Bead size is 11/0. The weaving technique is brick stitch. I would recommend using 6 lb. Fireline thread if you're making earrings or pendants. For charms that dangle from your bag or keychain, 8 lb. line would be a better bet for durability though the thread will be more visible.

The finished size of the Rhino is approximately 22mm. in width and height but may vary if you plan to use another brand of beads.

This is an easy pattern to bead because the increase and decrease in beads are gradual except for the ears that stick out. If you're buying this pattern, you will need to know how to ladder stitch & brick or peyote stitch. Instructions are not part of the purchase. If you want to review basic bead weaving stitches, there are a lot of wonderful tutorials on the internet. I have a YouTube channel that demonstrates brick & ladder stitches but it's not that fancy.

Now the big question is...what would you do with this Rhino? Would you wear these as a jewelry piece?

Hmmm...I would enjoy this as earrings if I'm feeling especially funky. I could certainly wear it as a whimsical necklace pendant on any day or as a bracelet charm. I would love it as a bag charm. I also like to stick little doo-dads onto packages that I give as gifts. It would be fun to surprise the school librarian or a parent with this rhino to complement Rudyard Kipling's tale, "How the Rhino Got His Skin".

If you are interested in beading your own rhino, click here.
If you are interested in it as earrings, click here.

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