Sunday, December 7, 2014

About Custom Orders

During the holiday season, custom orders for seed bead designs come in fast and furious. Custom orders allow me to experiment with new designs and techniques that I would not have otherwise worked on and it brings back past designs that have been sold out but now revived. I truly enjoy the process but must admit there are challenges just because life can get hectic sometimes, especially during the holidays. Yet I know I am blessed because I am doing what I love and I am happy to share my beaded creations with you.

Here is a short video explaining my custom order process.

These are a few customs order samples that I've had the opportunity to work on.

Bead Tubes. Easy project. These bead tubes were carried in my shop in the past but were sold out and never restocked. A customer contacted me and asked if I could make more in the colors above. This was a simple project because...

1. Existing Pattern. It was a familiar design using stitches that are ingrained in my brain.
2. Bead Availability. I had the beads and bead colors on hand.
3. No Alterations. There were no requests for alterations on the the current design.
4. Long Time Frame. This request was placed early giving me lots of time to complete.

Oranda Goldfish. Slightly challenging but the most fun. I was contacted by a Facebook follower (bless her heart!) who requested Oranda goldfish charms. She provided me with a beautiful photo of an Oranda goldfish as a reference. Oh my goodness...I  never knew goldfishes could look so elegant! That scared me a bit because I wondered how my simple bead project could capture such a stunning creature.

On the challenge scale, I would rate this a medium because:
1. Existing Pattern. I already had the pattern for the small goldfish but needed to change the bead colors.
2. New Pattern. The small goldfish did not capture the beauty of the fish I saw in the sample photo so I wanted to make a second design of a larger goldfish that required an entirely new pattern.
3. Bead Availability. I had all the beads and colors I needed.
4. No Alterations (but...) Though the customer did not ask me to make any alterations to my existing design, I took it upon myself to create that second, larger goldfish because I just had to!
5. Time Frame. This was not going to be a Christmas gift so it was not a rush project and I could take the normal 10 - 15 days to complete.

Delicate Snowflakes. This snowflake project is still in the works. It was requested by a wonderful blogger pal who has helped me along in my blogging journey. I call this a challenging project because:

1. Existing Pattern...none. I needed to make an original pattern of a snowflake that resembled that popular movie snowflake (you know what that is). Lucky for me, snowflakes are quite generic so I don't think I'm stepping over into the copyright infringement zone.
2. Bead Stitches. I needed to refresh my knowledge of various types of bead stitches for this circular project.
3. Bead Availability. I have an abundant supply of Miyuki Delica seed beads but my inventory of round seed beads are limited. I needed to shop for the beads in this design.
4. Alterations Required. I didn't hit the mark on my first attempt and needed to tweak the colors as well as the pattern. I also learned that my thread was not thick enough to keep the snowflake stable. I practiced with wire and different kinds of thread before settling on a light varnish to steady the snowflake.
5. Time Frame. Being that this request comes during my "busy" time and it involves techniques that I need to practice on, the time frame is a little daunting.

Although custom orders are closed for projects that need to arrive before Christmas, I do hope you consider me for your upcoming beaded creations.

Thank you so much for your support!

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