Saturday, November 15, 2014

Seed Bead Christmas Designs

My Christmas seed bead designs are up.

From the top left, clockwise, I have...

* Mistletoe earrings (you don't really need to kiss - ewwww)
* A cute watermelon stocking charm (my favorite)
* Wee Christmas tree on silver tone, cable necklace chain
* Festive star earrings
and, in the center,
* Mini Christmas tree charms (the most versatile because you can add it on to a key ring, phone charm, etc.).

These are available on Bead Crumbs, Etsy.

I've sold out on the other Christmas designs, shown below. Perhaps if I have time, I'll be able to make more.

Each year I am surprised at how quickly the holiday season approaches. You would think I'd get used to it - having gone through so many.

Enjoy getting prepared for the Joy of Christmas!

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