Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pattern Seed Bead Pug - Bead Graph and Thread Path

I've been asked to do a tutorial of the seed bead Pug design and I've finally gotten around to making a slideshow with the thread path so you can bead your own little dog. The original pug charm was stitched using the Peyote bead weaving method but this video shows it in the brick stitch method because I have supporting videos on YouTube,, to help you along in case you need a review of the basic stitches.

You may want to print the bead graph and bead list as a reference.

Delica Seed Beads, size 11 

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Here is the slideshow with the Pug's thread path.

View it on YouTube,

I am happy to share my designs but as a courtesy to the many hours I spent making this pattern and video, I would appreciate if you do not copy, reproduce, share or alter my Pug Pattern as your own. If you do sell your completed beadwork, please credit the design to Bead Crumbs by Jayne.

Have fun!