Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting off of my feet ... sort of...

Polar Vortex sounds science fiction! I'm glad I'm not a victim of Mother Nature's bitter cold story. With the temperature in the 60's here at home and the chilly wind blowing, it's hard enough for me to get out of bed so my walk this morning was done in the house (lazy booty). Well, I did do a little cleaning while I mosied.

I stretched to reached for the potholder so I could put it back in it's place. The potholder is old and raggedy but it's terribly cute especially because my little one thinks I'm the best even when I burn her dinner.

I picked up the ribbons that had fallen to the floor. It reminded me that my daughter requested new shoes because maybe, it'll help her run faster.

I removed a picture collage from the dining table so I wouldn't splatter coffee on it. My older one loves to draw. She is now working on drawing dogs and people but she loves drawing cats. I think Clover is quite cute. 

Bundle up. Stay warm. Be safe and enjoy your day.
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