Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy December!

A couple of days ago, the rain came whipping at our window, streaking the glass pane like a huge abstract painting. Never ceasing, it began pounding on our roof with such force that the dog was afraid to go outside to do her "business". The wind blew a few things around our yard, tossing empty water bottles and plastic bags (from who knows where), into a heap along the fence line. The kids were excited by the sound of the booming thunder and hid in the outdoor tent that my husband set up inside the house.

That was the start of our December...thrilling and chaotic.

Today the weather is nice so I took my walk outside. 

On our front porch is a tank with a few fishes that my kids caught in a stream. Here's the little tilapia that swims among swordtails. The fish will be let go when we make our next visit to the stream.

Guarding the tank on a piece of old coral is Miss Polly Pocket. From her dirty face, you can tell she's quite an adventurer. Last month Miss Polly was trapped in the purple bird cage with the Passion Butterfly chrysalis. Before that, she was scaling our front door on a  fuzzy chenille stem.

Keeping the Gulf Fritillary caterpillar company on a neighboring Milkweed plant is a Monarch caterpillar. These guys seem to get fatter much faster than the Fritillaries and appear calmer and more content. The Fritillaries move around a lot and even toss their head back and forth when another caterpillar gets too close. I'm happy to have more caterpillars around! 

Thanks for taking a walk with me today. Go have yourself a merry December day.