Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Goodbye Very Chubby Caterpillars

Today I said goodbye to 3 very chubby caterpillars. I'm sad that I won't be able to see my caterpillars (Eenie, Meenie & Miny) grow up into beautiful Monarch butterflies but these hungry fellas needed a new home. I simply could not keep up with E, M & M's insatiable appetite and my little crown flower plant is now bare-naked of juicy leaves. In the photo below, the caterpillars are getting ready to go on a journey to their new home.

With Eenie, Meenie & Miny clinging to sticks, we took a stroll to the house down the street with the giant Milkweed plant spreading it's branches across the sidewalk. I transplanted E, M & M onto new leaves. They were extremely excited! I think.

E, M & M will have lots of food to eat and perhaps they will make a new friend or two.

As for Moe, he's still with me. If he misses his siblings, we'll take a walk down the street and say "hello" to Eenie, Meenie & Miny .

Happy Wednesday!