Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Day Before Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving. I woke up and made myself toast. I left my bread in the toaster oven too long, as I often do, and scorched it to a crisp.

Oh well...I shared it with the cardinal and he seemed very happy.

I went outside to feed the dog. He always smiles at me in the morning. He's an old doggie with a cataract in his right eye. I think he has kind, beautiful eyes but he's a bit self conscious about his appearance.

Peeking over the fence was a pretty orchid. Our neighbor likes to share her beautiful flowers with us.

I'm not very good with plants but at least I know I didn't cause the holes in the leaves of the Passion Fruit vine. I've finally found the culprit - a teeny, weeny caterpillar, a Gulf Fritillary.

Tomorrow my family will have a small gathering at grandma's home. Unfortunately, I'm under the weather and think it would be wise for me to stay home and keep the germs to myself. I'll watch a good movie and wait for my husband to bring home my portion of the Thanksgiving feast on a paper plate. He'll probably give me an extra helping of dessert too!

Hope you had a wonderful day. Enjoy the holiday!