Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Between Beading

Sometimes I get away from my beads...yes, really...and take a walk outside. 

The sky is dark and hazy. The rain is not here yet so it's quite warm and humid. 

The Gulf Fritillary chrysalis is maturing on the wires of an unused bird cage. Love that purple cage. No birds have ever been housed in this cage but the kids hope to own a little feathered pet one day - maybe the cute, plump, tailless quail they saw in the pet store. Adorable little things but I don't think so. We are impatiently waiting for the Passion Butterfly to emerge. 

Something is chomping on the leaves of the Passion Fruit vine but I haven't found any new caterpillars. 

I'm hoping the hungry Anole lizards are not feasting on the caterpillars. They seem to eat anything! I've spotted them with butterflies, roaches and earthworms dangling from their jaws. They can have all the roaches they desire but I'd like them to leave the butterflies and earthworms alone.

Do you see the lizard?

I hope you're enjoying your week. It's a busy time of year so I thank you for taking the to time to visit my blog. Have a beautiful day!

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