Friday, September 13, 2013

Welcoming the Weekend

Hello :) and Happy Aloha Friday to you. Our family looks forward to each weekend as a welcomed reprieve from hectic days. This weekend is a much needed one!

The school year has started with an unexpected bang; we did not roll into it smoothly as we usually do each year. Juggling homework and sports continue to be a challenge and I'm glad volleyball season will be ending soon for my oldest. I'm proud of the dedication that my daughter shows toward school and her team. The younger one starts her season soon and I'm hoping the demands will not be as intense.

My husband celebrated his birthday this week...well sort of... Knowing that the kids wanted to celebrate but sensitive to our circumstances that day, he helped me out by picking up and buying his choice of dinner. A sweet co-worker made him a batch of brownies that we substituted as a birthday cake. He even bought himself a gift, socks, that we wrapped up for him. We'll make it up to him this weekend.

At about 1 a.m. this morning, the civil defense sirens went off in our neighborhood. Both my husband and I got up to watch the news. Sirens going off without any previous notice normally warns us of a possible tsunami. We're not in a inundation area but it affects school and work. After watching the news and receiving no information, we eventually went back to bed. This morning we found out that it was a malfunction in the equipment. Thankfully, no emergency so on with our day.

We woke up to beautiful cooling rain. While it freshens up the air, it also causes traffic. A 40 minute drive to school becomes an hour and a half drive. I'd like to think the cool air will last longer than the traffic.

My Etsy and Craftsy shops are doing well this month. I received a couple of special requests that keeps me busy during the day. Beaded patterns are the best sellers and I've received a steady stream of small sales.

A few weeks ago, I was a recipient of a prize drawing from Lynn's Craft Blog. Lynn is multi-talented. On her blog Lynn shares recipes, paper crafts, jewelry and many DIY ideas and tips. I am flabbergasted by her creativity. I'd like to send a belated thank you to Lynn. Here is a photo of my goodies. It includes a cheery pop up greeting card, an adorable panda note pad, colorful mini envelopes, a cute bear mini album and a $25.00 gift card to Ben Franklin Crafts. Isn't this the most generous prize packet?! Thank you Lynn!!

Signing off and wishing all of you a wonderful day and a fun-filled weekend. Thank you for your support and friendship.