Monday, August 5, 2013

The Joys of Owning a Cat

It's been one of those woeful cat weeks!

I put a bowl of soup on the counter to cool while I go to the fridge to get a drink and when I return, the cat has it's whiskers in my bowl. I turn the water on in the sink to wash the dishes and kitty comes up for a refreshing drink from the faucet. I can't find my spool of thread but the cat has and is sewing a dress. According to the cat, 6:00 AM is a good time to scratch the bedroom door, meow and start the day. The cat enjoys watching TV too but she likes to sit directly in front of the screen blocking my view. Clean laundry makes a good bed because everyone looks better in cat fur. Our cat's favorite toy is the dog's nose. She says, "Everyone needs to throw up hairballs once in awhile. And poop...I make it, you clean it!"'s just one of those funny relationships. Here's Simon's Cat. He has the same issues as I do.