Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm a Big Kid Now

Yesterday was the last day of summer break for my kids. During those long hot days, I reverted back into a big kid. Mostly I forgot my daily routine and nearly gave up cleaning and organizing. I realized my juvenile transformation when we went out for our final family summer adventure on Monday. We chose to hike up to Manoa Falls

It was a hot day and sunny day in our neighborhood so we were surprised to be greeted with massive mud puddles on the trail but then, Manoa is always wet. My little one daintily tried to avoid the puddles (impossible!) but my older one and I found ways to make the biggest "squish!" Dainty makes you slip, squishies will get your feet sucked into the mud for firm footing, I reasoned. My husband got splatted a couple times and gave us scoldings but by the end of the hike he was making crazy jungle bird noises like an unruly child. Now that was embarrassing!

After our adventure we headed out to the school for orientation. Yep, I was a muddy mess and did not bring a change of clothing. I managed to look presentable by wiping myself down with napkins from the restroom and I hid my dirty bottom by finding a seat really quickly. At the meeting I was reminded of the forms that were due...last week.

I spent most of my evening filling out paperwork and sending out apologetic emails for my tardiness. I'm so sad summer break with the kids has to end. Today, I will grow up and be responsible again.

"How about homeschool, mom?" my older child suggested. Ha! I'm not that responsible!

I hope you're enjoying your summery days and making memories (even those silly ones that you may want to forget one day). Thank you so very much for your visit and comments. Would you like to share what you have been up to?