Monday, July 29, 2013

What Does Your Bag Say About You?

While waiting in the doctor's office for my name to be called, I decided to explore the contents of my handbag. Like the backseat of my car or under the cushions of our sofa, I never know what junks or treasures I will find. I thought by sharing a little bit about my favorite bag and what is in it, you'll get to know me better. Of course, I'm keeping the embarrassing stuff to myself!

First, I'd like to show you my bag.

I picked up this bag for a couple of dollars at a garage sale a few years ago. It says I'm cheap! It was almost brand new and I liked the neutral color, the zillion pockets, the wipe clean surface and the crossbody strap. I am practical. Since then I found out that this bag is a Giani Bernini leather bag that the original owner probably purchased at Macy's. Keeping up with the Joneses. This bag has become my "traveling with the kids" bag because of it's size and it's easy to pay for that pebbly Dippin' Dots Moose Tracks / Bubble Gum "ice cream" with my purse still on my shoulder. I get distracted and lose things easily. I also don't like Dippin' Dots.

It turns out that the many compartments does not help to keep me organized but serves as a great place to stow receipts, notes and what-nots. Now a peek into my treasure chest. Nearly all of these mementos are from an East Coast tour I took with my daughter and her classmates back in the spring.

Ticket stubs for the U.S. Capitol Tour in Washington D.C. on April 12, 2013. This ticket is special because Daniel Inouye's name is printed on the stub. Daniel Inouye is a former U.S. Senator from Hawaii. He passed away in December 2012. Our tour guide told us that these were the last tickets printed with Mr. Inouye's name on it. To think that I had this squashed in my bag...oh my!

Ticket stubs for the Independence Hall Tour, Pennsylvania. April 14, 2013.

Ticket stubs for Newsies at the Nederlander Theater in New York City, April 15, 2013. Loved, loved that play! As exhausted as I was, I did not take a nap during the show. I was thoroughly entertained during the entire performance!

This last find is more recent and it's another ticket stub. 

Tickets to Footloose, presented by Ohana Arts at the Mamiya Theatre, Honolulu, July 27, 2013. My children had classmates performing in this play. It was a wonderful performance and such a joy to see the kids sing and dance like professionals! 

I guess I have a ticket stub problem but a lot of memories can be found in ticket stubs...don't you think so? Now to find a safe place for these keepsakes. I can't think of anywhere safer bag.

Tell me about your bag, what's in it and what do you think it says about you?