Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Kiss

Naturally, you kissed the frog! Many reputable books and stories have been written about the kiss that transformed the ugly frog into a handsome prince and we all know that there is a little bit of truth in each tale. So you puckered up your sweet lips and placed it against the slimy, clammy lips of the frog with it's big, bulging eyes staring curiously at you. ♥ Smoooooch! ♥

What?! Are you still here? Did you not gallop off with the gorgeous prince on his gallant white horse? that story is just a fairy tale...what a shame.

Never fear, don't be discouraged, keep the hope alive! Wish upon a star and keep this enchanted magic potion with you for the next time you get an opportunity to kiss a frog.

Magic Potion & Wishing Star Zipper Pull Charm
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Thanks for stopping by on this 4th of July day. Celebrate safely!

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