Monday, July 22, 2013

My Bead Crumbs are Your Sugar

Well, that's my hope!

I finally did it! After months and months of misery over my Etsy shop name, HandmadeCute, I finally made a change. In October of 2011, Etsy announced that shop owners were allowed to make a one time name change on their account. I was excited about this and felt it would not hurt my shop status if I made the change but I couldn't decide on a new name. I put that thought aside thinking I would do it when I was running low on business cards.

It happened. My business card supply is low. Time to do some serious brain-storming for names.

I was thinking along these lines...We have two cats. One is named Molly Meow Kitty and the other is
named Bella Smella Flower. Our dogs are named Poochy Pup Pie and Daisy May Sundae. HandmadeCute is just sooo boring. So do you see the direction I was heading into?

For weeks I'd suggest a name to the family but after days of shouting out a name during the middle of dinner, a t.v. show, a walk to the park, etc., (never knew when a good name might pop up), I was becoming a nuisance. I was ignored! I started changing the names on my social networking accounts (Twitter, Pinterest...) to see how a name idea "felt".  I don't think that affected me much because I don't have much of a brand presence but if you happened to have noticed, thank you for sticking with me during my identity crises.

To make a long story short, all good names have been taken by very clever people. It's been a frustrating experience.

During one of my "shout it out" moments, I hollered, BEAD CRUMBS! and I got an "I like it". The name was not taken on Etsy, so now it belongs to me. Hooray! The change is not clean cut- it didn't quite transfer over to all of the others sites that I have set up, such as this blog, so those will remain the same.

"Bead Crumbs" is a title that still allows me to make silly, goofy, nonsensical charms and stories about purples pandas and such so I'll have fun with it.

If you have a minute or two to spare, I'd be so thankful if you could read my Jayne's Profile entry and About BeadCrumbs and let me know what you think of my changes.

As always, thank you so much. I'm sending bead hugs your way. Bead hugs = bear hugs...get it?