Friday, July 5, 2013

I Love Your Smile!

Hi There! How are you doing on this bright, sunny "I Love Your Smile!" Friday? For us here in Hawaii it's a ukulele strumming, hula skirt swaying, coconut tree climbing kind of day. I hope you are having a wonderful kind of day too!

Here is my "I Love Your Smile!" list for the first Friday of July.


Crazy little Love birds


Creations by Shirl

crafting this and that

2 just B you

Thank you to my wonderful readers for your great comments that gets me all excited to write up another blog post! 

Before you leave to scale that coconut tree, stop by the blogs above and say "Hello!" to my blog buddies. 

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Mahalo and mai tais for everyone.
'Okole maluna!
Bottoms Up!

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