Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Saturday - one

I usually don't do a post on Saturday but since I am sitting in front of the computer, I thought I would do one about the random things that we've been up to.

The kids are outside playing with dad in the carport because it's so hot in the house. While they are having fun with moon sand, I'm taking the time to finish up a special beaded charm request. It's been really muggy lately - the skies are dark and heavy so I'm waiting for a big cooling rain to come. Unfortunately, we've had sprinkles here and there but not enough to wash away the heat.

(source: Oahu SPCA)
Yesterday my older one volunteered in the cat house at the local SPCA. She adores cats and I'm afraid she might one day be a mad, crazy, insane cat lady but after yesterday's experience, I think she realizes the muck and yuck that comes with taking care of a bunch of meowing felines. She is lucky that we clean up after her messy cats but hopefully now appreciates what we do for her sometimes obnoxious pets.

Today our younger one played volleyball in our neighborhood's Police Activity League (PAL). The team lost but everyone enjoyed the game. This is the most energetic and enthusiastic sport team that I have seen in awhile. The kids cheer each other on, give high-fives, burst out in laughter and do silly cheers even while they are losing. It's great to see them having so much fun.

My younger one is really reserved and quiet. She joined this team not knowing anyone. She gets nervous when going to practice but a few of her teammates have been really friendly with her. I am happy to see kindness and empathy in kids so young yet old enough to do that "exclusive friendship" thing.

Our day usually ends with my husband visiting his father, who is in a nursing home, and me cooking dinner and helping the kids with homework. But, now that school is out...we're just gonna kick back and relax until dad gets home...with dinner!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. What have you been up to?