Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Saturday ~ Four & I Love Your Smile!

Hello! How are you doing? I must say it's been a struggle to keep up with my blog because of our busy schedule but I am motivated by my visitors and the comments you leave. Thanks for stopping by!

Handmade Cute
Today we spent our time at the Keiki Swap Meet selling new and used children goods as a fundraiser for an organization that my kids are involved in. There were tons of kiddie vendors all selling children items at great prices and shoppers looking for bargains! The families met at our home yesterday evening to prepare and price the items. Prices ranged from $.05 for small knick-knacks to $5.00 for brand new jeans with tags. If only I could fit into those jeans!! Towards the end of our day, the jeans were going for $.50! Like I said, people were looking for bargains. The kids didn't make as much as they wanted to but I do hope they learned something from this experience. As for me, I may not have been able to fit into those amazing jeans but I did buy these cute Arpakasso Alpacas!

Although it's been a bit crazy I want to be sure to let you know how much you make me smile! Thank you to my blog friends for supporting me with your visits and kind comments.


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Have a wonderful weekend!