Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy DIY Sport Party Favors - Cute, Fun and Annoying!

It's party time and I need quick, simple favors to give to the kids on the volleyball team. Here is what I came up with. A whistle charm that requires just a little bit of supplies.

* Plastic whistles with cord from the party store. Or use your own cord.
* Zipper pulls (lanyard clips)
* Sport Ball Beads
* Another type of bead that you have in your stash
* Clear fingernail polish or glue for sealing knot
* Big eyed needle

Take off the pretty cord from the whistle and cut it into 12" (or so) lengths. I have stubby fingers so I didn't want to fiddle-faddle with a short cord.

Slip the whistle to the center of the cord and tie a knot. The loop knot kind.

Decorate the cord with beads of your choice. I used volleyball beads and acrylic spacer beads. (I added the beads to one side of the cord first. I didn't need the needle to do this. Then with the big eye needle, I slipped the other cord through the beads. The two cords were too thick to go through the beads in one one pass.) Both ends of the cord should exit out of the last bead you added.

Knot the cords close to the bead. Tie another knot about 1 cm. higher leaving a loop between the two knots.

Dab, dab, dab your top knot with glue or clear polish (with sparklies if you like).

When the polish is dry, snip off the excess cord close to the knot and slide the zipper clasp through the hole.

When you're done, you'll have colorful sport whistle and ball charms to give out to the entire team. I thought it would have been nicer to use the team colors but I was only able to find assorted color whistles. You could use cord and beads that coordinate with your team's color to make it more personal.

The annoying part comes in when the kids continue to blow the whistle all day long. When the adults start to become irritated by the constant fweeeeeeeeee! noise, you'll know it's time to leave the party.

Have fun!