Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kawaii Style

The recent additions to my shop were inspired by my mess of beads. I was feeling quite overwhelmed because my work space [dining table] was covered with craft bits that were quite unorganized. My poor family is not allowed to eat at the table when I am crafting so we sit around a folding table on the floor [like a Japanese tea restaurant, I say]. I've often thought about moving my supplies to another room but, I like that I'm in the center of everything where I can interact with the kids and husband while they do their thing and I do mine. In the meantime, as my beading supplies grow, I'll need to figure out how to keep an orderly and functional space for all of us to enjoy. If you have any hints for me, I'd love to hear about it!

While sorting through my stash, I came across beads and charms that were stuffed into a box and left to die. I decided to incorporate these pretty findings with my bead woven charms to create a kawaii look.
Pink Fairy Doll with Pastel Stars, Zipper Pull / Charm
Pink Rose with Bow, Zipper Pull / Charm

Heart and Key, Zipper Pull / Charm
I hope you like these new additions because I got a whole lot of beads to work with.

Thank you for stopping by today!