Monday, April 1, 2013

3 Years on Etsy

March 29 marked my third year on Etsy as Handmade Cute. As my children mature, become independent and their needs change, I wonder how my crafting SAHM role will benefit our family. Will my Etsy journey need to end soon? It is not decision time yet but it's a thought I cannot avoid and think about often.

I know I need to take on an active role in marketing my products if I want my Etsy shop to grow so hearing the many positive comments about Wanelo, I thought I'd give it a try. This weekend I applied to and was accepted into a Wanelo Team on Etsy. My "store claim" is still being reviewed by Wanelo, but I put in some serious time promoting my team members who are supporting me. (My goodness...this promotion stuff takes up a lot of time!) Though I haven't seen any magical sale increases, the help from my teammates is evident in the view count of my shop.

I am extremely happy that crafting from home is my "job" for now and I do hope I can continue doing this for a long time. I am very grateful to my blog readers and to my customers for the support I have received from you. And, to my new Wanelo Team partners, I look forward to many more wonderful days with you.

Here are a few faves from my Wanelo Etsy Team:
Elephant Stud Earrings by Willy's Jewels
Willy's Jewels on Wanelo

Bichon Frise Amigurumi by Inugurumi
Inugurumi on Wanelo

Cat Silver Necklace by Jewelry Craft Studio
Jewelry Craft Studio on Wanelo

I appreciate your visit today. What do you think of Wanelo? If you have any tips or advice to share, I'd love to hear from you!