Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY T-Shirt Bag

Here's a T-Shirt Bag tutorial that I did on a crafty web site called Cut Out + Keep. I thought it would be fun to share it here too. Enjoy!

Okay, so you got a t-shirt that is too faded or may have a tiny hole so you can't give it away. Or maybe you are too attached to a shirt and don't want to use it as a rag. We have a few of those around the house and decided to make T-Shirt bags with them - giving these old favorites a new life. I enjoyed this project because it was quick and easy and I did not need to drag out my sewing machine. 

Old T-Shirt


1. Cut off sleeves along seams. Cut out collar in a square shape and finally, cut an even amount of strips along the bottom of shirt. Lines show the area where you will be cutting.

2. Tie double knots along the bottom of the shirt matching front with back. Make sure you tie the knots tight.

3. Tie shoulder straps. They will become your handles. You can change the look by tying the straps in different ways, as shown above.

I'd recommend using this bag for lightweight objects. We normally use our bags to haul extra clothing or tas beach bags. With heavier objects such as books, the bag may stretch and little gaps may appear where the two sides are connected by the knots. At a children's swap meet event, we packaged our customer's purchases into the bags we made and it was a big hit! 

Well I hope you enjoyed this project idea. Thanks for stopping by!

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