Monday, February 11, 2013

When Uncle Comes to Town...

Do you know the children's song, She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain {♪♪}?

Beaded Music Note Bracelet

This upbeat, sing-along song reminds me of Uncle when he comes to "the city" except he will not be driving six white horses but a rental car {vroom! vroom!}. We all go out to meet him when he comes {alooooha!} He'll be wearing brand new Nikes when he comes {so cool} and will have to sleep on the lumpy sofa with the cat {meow!}.

With Uncle in mind, I found these wonderful gift ideas that all uncles will probably appreciate. I'm happy to share them with you so c'mon, click the link and take a look!

*Original Mixed Media Drawing titled, The City by Krystal Booth Fine Art.
*A Vintage Fedora Hat by RealGoneCatClothes for a stylish and handsome look. 
*A yummy, palate teasing Pizza Dip, recipe by Sugar Aunts.
*For dessert, pie served in a clever Easy as Pi(e) dish like the one shown in Breezy Pink Daisiestutorial.

Do you have any uncle gift ideas? Feel free to share your link in the comments below.

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{♪♪, vroom! vroom!, alooooha!so cool, meow!}