Monday, February 25, 2013

Peep! Cheep! Tweet!

Peep! Cheep! Tweet! shout the little baby Bulbuls that have found a home in a twig of a tree near our front door. At first we wondered why mommy bird decided to nest here. The tree is barely a tree and very near to foot traffic but after reading about Bulbuls, we discovered that these birds do nest in strange places. And besides that, the bird's home is somewhat protected from wind and rain making this a cozy place to settle down when the weather is bad.

Normally, I would shoo these birds away because they peck at anything that I have managed to grow and are known to eat caterpillars. I work hard to grow a butterfly garden so these birds are usually not welcomed here. However, because the baby birds are so ugly-cute and my crown flower plants are dead, we enjoy a little time each day watching both mommy and daddy bird bring food to their chicks. It seems that the birds favor lizards. Oh yum!

It's so fascinating to watch these chicks grow up! Hopefully I will be able to share more photos with you but in the meantime, please take a look at the these wonderful bird links from my Blog It Up Community on G+

Funny Felt Bird Plush Pattern by Maria Palito
Gray and Pink Felt Owl Hair Clippie by Clippie Dips
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