Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love Your Smile!

Quick! Tell me about something that made you laugh this week. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Here's mine...ummmm....

A Wii hula hoop challenge with my daughter. I won! I can still sway those old lady hips! My daughter won the balance challenge but it didn't help that she ran around me and poked me in the belly while I was trying to concentrate.

I said one, but here's another. My older one set up a restaurant and when she discovered that she was not making much of a profit, she started charging for plates. You can't eat roast chicken with gravy from your hands! She said, "No outside plates allowed - cross contamination!"

Laughing and smiling all week with...

* MoKeKuMiLei Creations {Mo}
* ChatterBlossom {Jamie}
* crafting this and that {Eva}
* Joy of Crafting {joy}
* Creations by Shirl {Shirl}

And I'm so grateful to ansluasi for including my Yellow Daisy Beaded Flower Earrings in her cheerful Treasury, My Only Sunshine.

Who needs red for Valentine's Day when you can shower your sweet with sunshine instead?

Ansluasi's shop, Once Upon a Bookshop, is filled with preciously sweet rare vintage books that you must see! 

Please stop by and visit the links above. You'll leave with a happy grin on your face!

Thanks for popping in today. 
I Love Your Smile!

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