Monday, January 28, 2013

Who Left that Poopy Mess?

You've probably heard the news of how a condo community in Florida is using DNA testing to identify who's pooch left a mess on their lawn. Well, what do you think of that?! {story here}

In my neighborhood, taking a stroll is an obstacle course of doggy poop avoidance. It's disgusting! More than once we've had unpleasant gifts left in front of our home. Blech! Once I had a landscape worker thank me profusely when I picked up after my own dog while on a walk. This poor man, who's job it was to trim the hedge and mow the lawn, spent time each day cleaning up land mines.

In addition to being stinky, we all know diseases can be transmitted through dog waste. It would be wonderful if we were all responsible dog owners and courteous neighbors so we could keep the poop police away!

Do you feel like taking a shower now? I do! Maybe looking at these super cute pups will make you feel better. You will never, ever need to pick up after these handmade cuties!

Shiba Inu
Dachshund with Bones Scratch Art by SassySashadoxie
* Photography Dog White Reflection by Silver Grain Photography
* Custom Dog Portrait by TheStardustStudio
* Lavender Dog Sweater by Little Paws Knitting
* Pink Poodle Miniature Swarovski Dog Figure by SmileyKitCreations

Do you have a doggy craft that you'd like to share? If so, please leave your link in the comment section below.

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