Thursday, January 31, 2013

おりがみ (Origami)

I'm going to share more craft books with you and it includes activities that requires no exhaustive physical skills but is an exercise in finger dexterity. Also necessary is a bit of patience, creativity, imagination and even logic (oh really?). The craft I am talking about is origami or Japanese paper folding. These are my favorite "keep the kids busy" activity books.

This one here, The Joy of Origami, includes paper that you can tear out so when I want a little peace and quiet, all I need to do is give the book to my kids and say "Fold me something!" For our family, this is a great boredom buster. My children are old enough that they like to figure out the folds on their own but if you have tiny tots, this is a parent/child activity.

Another favorite is a series of origami books written entirely in Japanese. I have several of these books that I picked up at a local Japanese dollar store and unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it any more.  I think these would make great gifts. Though I am unable to read the book, the illustrations are wonderful and my little ones have no problem following along. These are great travel books! I zip them in a plastic sandwich pouch, put in paper (any kind as long as it's square), carry it around in my bag and whip 'em out when boredom strikes.

I love to dabble with origami projects when I have the time. Here is a modular origami Pikachu that I made for the kids a few years ago.

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Would you fold me something?