Monday, December 10, 2012

Temporarily Strung

Temporarily Strung...that's how I feel some days.

Well actually, that's what I bought this weekend...temporarily strung magnesite beads {from Ben Franklin Crafts}. I've been admiring these beads because of it's bright, bold colors and finally gave in to buying them. I plan to bead around these and add them to rubber bands for my mommy friends. When we go out, we only have time to tie up our hair into ponytails. The packaging says, "believed to stimulate passion", so I will make this into a grown-up gift - just in case!

I also received chains that I bought online. Unfortunately, the chains are much thicker than I anticipated. I had hoped to make simple necklaces but the chain overwhelms the dainty beaded design. Instead I made a bracelet...

I'm very happy that I have time to make handmade gifts this year.  Maybe I'll even bake cookies {wishful thinking}.  How are you doing on your holiday gift list?  

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