Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Step It Up!

The rainy weather cleared up a bit yesterday and we were able to make our Diamond Head Crater hike. Oh, the kids were not too happy because they wanted to vegetate in the house but we didn't want to miss a nice day so off we went.

Named by the British who thought diamonds existed among the slopes, Diamond Head is a well known landmark on Oahu. The site was later used for coastal defense operations during World War II. Seeing the bunkers is one of the exciting parts of the hike.

The most difficult part for me was the second set of stairs, 99 steps in all! The kids had fun but they prefer the woodsy, nature type adventures rather than these rocky, hot hikes. The hike was relatively short and I was able to work on some beading.  Here is my latest project as suggested by a customer.

This is made in the likeness of Oski the Bear. The mascot for UC Berkeley.

I hope you all are having a great week! What are you up to?