Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running Low on Energy

It's raining again and the sun has been hiding from us nearly all week. Our solar water heater needed an electrical boost to warm our shower water and that doesn't happen too often. I'd like to snuggle in my blankets and stay in but the ants-in-his-pants husband is on vacation so snuggling indoors is not allowed.

Yesterday we went to the Windward side of Oah'u to visit the Byodo-In Temple at the Valley of Temples Memorial Park. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place. Thank goodness we were spared from another hike because my legs are still aching and like our solar heater, I need a boost of energy.

The kids loved feeding the fish and birds. I enjoyed the quiet and the lush surroundings. Here's a photo that my daughter took.

I was unable to finish the beaded charms that I had planned to give as stocking stuffers at a recent gift exchange.  Instead I used flowers that I made earlier and added it to elastic bands. Here's one of the brighter ones.

With all the "children" at home on holiday break, our house is a huge mess! My wish to Santa this year is to have a clean house with everything put away where it should be (not heaped in a laundry basket, piled on the coffee table or stuffed behind the sofa).

Santa, I hope you're listening...