Friday, December 14, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

Silly Me! Here I was, so excited to make my own handmade gifts to give to friends and I was even thinking of baking cookies! Kids came home one day with mom assignments for school (potlucks, presentations, Secret Santa gifts, etc.) and husband said, "I need gifts for Bob's family and Bobby's family and Bobette's family and Bobster's family and Bobara's family and it all has to be mailed out to the mainland! Can you get it for me?" {names have been changed to protect the innocent}

Until things settle down again, dancing {yes dancing!} crunchy chocolate chip cookies with Big Island macadamia nuts baking in my oven will be imaginary thoughts for my belly. Oh well, maybe Santa will get me some tasty treats for Christmas and I'm sure it'll be much yummier than my home baked attempts. I'll sneak in some beading time to keep me sane...I really need it before I get "unstrung" and all my marbles go spilling out over the floor. Or am I too late? I'm feeling quite loopy already = (

I hope my blogging friends are enjoying the exciting bustle of the holiday season.
...why don't you peek in and say "Hi!" to these wonderful ladies.

I did manage to complete one beaded elastic hair band. The beads are wrapped around a magnesite bead then attached to a rubber band. It isn't as heavy as it looks.

What's been keeping you busy lately? Shopping? Wrapping? Mailing? Baking? Commuting? Crafting? Cleaning House for guests?

I must give you all a huge THANK YOU for stopping by my blog to hear me babble about the Bob families.  Enjoy the almost Christmas weekend. I love your smile =D