Monday, December 17, 2012

I Love A Rainy Day

I love the sound of the rain outside my window. I love the smell. I love the chill.
I don't love the havoc it causes on the road. I don't love the flooding it can bring.
A rainy day to cool and cleanse the air is nice though!

Days like today would be a great 'stay inside and watch a good movie' kind of day but we decided to go out.

We were hoping for the skies to clear so we could hike up Diamond Head but the rain followed us from the West side down to the South. Instead, our excursion brought us to the Bishop Museum where we went to see bugs. No one in our family is fond of bugs but mammoth sized, fake ones are okay.

I don't have any major bead projects that I'm working on right now. For the next couple of weeks I hope I can relax and enjoy time with the kids.

How are you all doing?

Thank you for stopping by!