Monday, November 5, 2012

What Happened to October?

It's amazing how fast the year is passing by. October has been one of the most busiest months for me and so many things have been neglected and put aside. Unfortunately, bad bad mom, one of the things that I didn't get to do with my children, was our traditional pumpkin carving.

Our pumpkins are still sitting on the bench outside the front door. Uncarved. And, all that cutesy crafts I wanted to make for our friends were never done. We did, however, manage to decorate ipus (gourds) at the Living Art Marine Center. Actually, mine is the naked one in the back but I think it's pretty like that.

We thought we were going to miss Halloween completely because of a traffic incident that caused major roadway delays. We were on the other side of town - stuck! We ended up meeting up with friends at a nearby shopping center for mall trick-or-treating. What about the treats that we were planning to give out? Well, we have 6 lbs. of candy sitting on the counter so we're looking for an organization that will accept our candy. Do you know of any? Gotta get rid of them quick because I might eat 'em up!

Hope you all had a wonderful October.