Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Motivates You...

to Exercise?

Today I went to my regular chiropractor visit and doc asks me, "Do You Exercise?"  "Yes...I walk." I reply. Doctor was kind enough not to grill me on the details. I see the sign on the walls stating the importance of regular daily exercise {the heart pumping kind} and I scrunch up my face in guilt. When I get home, I walk the dog. I walk fast-ish.

My dog's sad face motivates me walk but Poochy is easy to please. He'd be happy with a treat and I often take advantage of that.  So you exercise me get off of my beading butt! How do you do it?

Oh yes beads!  Let me tell you about them. I'm "adjusting" my shop and making a lot more loose charms - charms that are not attached to straps, key rings, bookmarks, ear hooks, etc. because people have been requesting those to use in their own designs.  I'm listing phone straps as an "add on" and may possibly do the same for the key rings and bookmarks...not sure yet... I have collected pretty beads over the years and will use those to embellish the straps. I also got out my eye pins but I forgot how to make those nice loops on the pin. I got a refresher here. It's a wonderful video and here is my result.

Well thanks for stopping by today.  Go exercise!