Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Beading Buddy

Daisy is our family's Bichon and my beading buddy.  Here she is, on the computer, checking out my Etsy shop. Mostly Daisy sits at my feet and waits for beads to drop on the floor. A dropped bead becomes a toy and I'm sure she has snacked on a few. This past week, Daisy was not feeling well. She'd chase the cats then start honking. She'd eat/drink and start honking. Her loud honking kept me up at night...so tired! Too tired to bead!

Bichons are known to suffer from allergies and Daisy suffers! The vet prescribed our doggy with allergy medication and antibiotics and she is responding well. Now I am back to beading and Daisy is back to chasing the cats.


Here is my latest.  It is a special order that I just completed.  

MOM Beaded Alphabet Tiles

If you want Personalized Alphabet Tiles, feel free to contact me through my shop, Handmade + Cute.

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