Friday, October 26, 2012

I Love Your Smile!'s been one of those weeks. You know, as soon as you sit down to do a little crafting, you need to jump right back up and get something else done. I don't like these kind of days because the interruptions are so frequent even beading doesn't relax me. But I'm grateful for my van. It has been working hard alongside me.

Although I complain about traffic and gas prices, my van seems to be a part of my body and I really don't know what I would do without it. Yes, I'd like a smaller, fuel efficient car but we are often hauling a lot of things around (bikes, Christmas trees, boxes, folding get the idea) and my van is perfect for the job.

So reason why I love my van...
#1: It is our family's mule.
#2: When I forget the bottled spaghetti sauce for our pasta meal, I can hop into the van and be at the store in a minute or two. I've tried walking to the store (with my kids because I can't leave them at home alone) but it becomes a full blown field trip taking more than an hour to get a bottle of spaghetti sauce. We stop to look at the kitties, explore alternate streets, take water breaks much too often and of course, buy shave ice for the walk home. Walking while eating shave ice is difficult.
#3: The bus is always an option but I have difficulty thinking of all the planning and time needed to get from point A to B then to C then back to B...oops forgot the spaghetti on to D now back to A. Kudos and respect to those who do that!
#4: When vog is smothering the island and the humidity is unbearable, the air conditioning in the van is heavenly.

Despite this week's lack of beaded relaxation, I have something to the thankful van and you...

Thank you friends...I Love Your Smile!